water research

Creating Forms for Flow
through Conversation with Water.

Weekend Workshop at The Old Mill House, Chalford, Gloucestershire.

May 12th and 13th 2018

Water moves in many elegant ways between stillness and turbulence, sometimes almost like a living organism These can be observed through interacting with the slow moving water in the mill leat , the rippling flow in the stream and in many table top experiments. These can engender wonder and may also tell us something about the inherent nature of this element so essential for life.
We will create a flowstream in clay so we can experiment with the shapes and the surfaces the water meets in a controlled flow situation . Here the conversation becomes more dynamic and the learning can be more meaningful- the water can educate us and maybe we educate the water.

There are various techniques for making permanent water sculptures for gardens or other spaces which we can talk about and some we can try if time allows.
Tutor- Simon Charter , Gardener, Flowform designer and director of Ebb and Flow ltd

2 day course costs £120 including lunches and drinks.
Limited numbers so please book early, some camping on site is possible.
More information and booking contact simon.charter@live.co.uk 01453 836060
Evenings 01453 882114

Is there a place for “Spirit” in Science and Medicine?

An Open Seminar on The Natural-Scientific Foundations for Understanding Humans as Autonomous Spiritual Beings

When: 8 June, 2018 – 9 June, 2018

Where: University of Westminster, London

At a time when reductionist and mechanical views of the Human Being dominate our Society and Medicine and more holistic approaches are being attacked in the name of Science, this seminar gives the opportunity to hear the scientific and epistemological foundations of another paradigm.

Prof. Peter Heusser will give a series of contributions based on his book Science and AnthroposophyProf. David Martin will give an overview of the research activity related to Anthroposophic Medicine on the Continent and Prof. Gene Feder and Dr.David McGavin will describe two UK research projects. A plenum will be chaired by Prof. David Peters.

The cost of the seminar is £120. For more information and booking visit https://elysiahealth.org/event/seminar-humans-as-autonomous-spiritual-beings.