experienceCOLOUR teachers conference


When: 30th and 31st August 2018

Where: Glass House College Stourbridge DY8 4HE

A conference for teachers, parents and anyone interested in an educational approach to colour.

Experience Colour is an international exhibition, created by colleagues from the Research Institute at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, and provides a hands-on opportunity to see and learn about colours in a full range of natural and experimental situations. The exhibition will be open at the Glass House College in Stourbridge from August 28 to October 14 2018 offering teachers a perfect opportunity to engage their students in an amazing experience of discovery and learning through colour.

The Teachers Conference will be held August 30 and 31, to give teachers an opportunity to explore the different aspects of the exhibition in depth, with expert guidance, and to experience in particular the natural symmetry, polarity and complimentarity that can be discovered in colour.

The conference will be of special interest to all Waldorf teachers as well as to those specializing in Art and Science. It is a splendid example of the open scientific attitude which is a unique feature of the Waldorf Curriculum.

It is an opportunity to practice ways of thinking that retain a direct connection with our sensory experience, as is the original meaning of the word aesthetic. It will also provide a context to the central importance of Goethe in the pioneering phase of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

We hope that colleagues and groups of colleagues will be able to come to this unique event. Concessions are available for groups and individuals. (Via the Steiner Schools Fellowship Website)
We are hoping that schools support attendance of the event with their teacher training and professional development budgets.

Contact: For further details or to book a place please email ifg@rmlt.org.uk To find out more please visit the website www.experiencecolour.org