Constitution of the Science Group

of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain


The Science Group
The Science Group is a group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain.

The aims of the Science Group are as follows:

1. To promote an understanding of scientific method and results, broadened and deepened by Spiritual Science.
2. To enable those with similar interests to meet, correspond and, where possible, collaborate in scientific work.
3. To publish and translate important contributions.

To be a full Member of the Science Group one has first to be a member of the Anthroposophical Society (any country). Non-members of the AS are welcome to join as Associate Members. Joining involves a small annual subscription from both Members and Associate Members (see below).

The Group is open to all those interested in Science, whether they have had a scientific training or not.

Ad hoc groups, based on subject or locality, are very much encouraged. Individual members or groups of members are encouraged to organise meetings or work on any topic that comes within the area of natural science, mathematics or astronomy. It is hoped that such meetings will take place in all parts of Britain.

It is up to all members of the Science Group to take the initiative, alone or with others, to organise any meetings or conferences. The committee will co-ordinate dates and advertise the meetings in the Science Group Newsletter (if enough notice is given), without taking responsibility for the meetings.

Each meeting or group of meetings should be self financing. Financial backing for meetings is not generally available and in any case will only be available if prior written agreement has been obtained from the Science Group Committee.

It is hoped that meetings will be organised by volunteers receiving only expenses, in order to keep the cost to a minimum and allow as many people as possible to attend.

The Committee
The Committee of the Science Group is open to all full Members of the Science Group who can come regularly. Prospective committee members should be willing to take on a share of the 'chores'. Meetings are held as and when necessary - usually two or three times a year. Members wishing to start attending Committee meetings should inform the Secretary in writing at least two weeks before they come to their first Committee meeting. If members of the Committee decide to stop attending Committee meetings, they are also requested to inform the Secretary in writing.

There are three core members of the Committee, one of whom is the Secretary and another the Treasurer. Each of these three core members must resign every third year, in rotation. The core member to be elected in a given year is elected at an annual meeting of the Science Group. This meeting will be at the beginning of January every year, until further notice. Core members are responsible for committee meetings and have the right to adjourn the meeting if required.

The Committee will only be responsible for Science Forum, the Newsletter and for the co-ordination of dates of meetings. All meetings of the Science Group will be organised by individual Members or Groups of Members and Associate Members. The Committee is therefore not an organising committee for meetings. However, if members of the Committee decide to organise meetings, as members of the Science Group they are of course encouraged to do so.

For practical reasons, Committee meetings will normally take place in the south of England. Dates for each meeting will be decided at earlier meetings. However dates, times and locations will also be announced in the Anthroposophical Society Newsletter. Those who have informed the Secretary that they will normally attend should inform the Secretary as soon as possible if they will not be able to attend a particular meeting.

Suggestions for changing the constitution of the Science Group should first be brought to a Committee meeting, after contacting the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the Committee meeting. The suggestions may then be brought to the Annual Meeting of the Science Group.

Science Forum
Science Forum is the Journal produced by the Science Group Members will be notified when a new issue is published.*

Newsletters will be produced twice per year, in September (deadline 31 August) and in April (deadline 31 March).

Membership of the Group will, from January 1995, involves an annual subscription of 5 for members in the UK, 6 for those living in other European Community countries, and f7 from members in countries outside the E.C.

Newsletters will be sent out to all those paying their membership subscriptions. One payment is due for every calendar year (1 January to 31 December). If members stop paying their subscription no newsletters will be sent after 1 year and after a second year membership will automatically be lapsed. Members are asked to make their regular payments in January each year.

Membership of Committee - September 1991, revised January 1996.

Nick Thomas
Secretary & Chairman. In charge of arranging and chairing Committee meetings and dealing with official correspondence.
Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT. Tel 0171 723 4400.

Dr David J. Heaf
Acting Treasurer & Membership Secretary (from January 1996); Newsletter Editor.
Hafan, Cae Llwyd, Llanystumdwy, Cricieth, Gwynedd, LL52 0SG.

Dr.Howard Smith
Editor Science Forum. 75 Eastfield Lane, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 1UN

Ron Jarman
The Hollies, Butterow West, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 3UE.

Dr Stuart Brown
15 Swainstone Rd, Reading, Berks. RG2 ODX.

This constitution was passed at the September 1991 AGM, Subscriptions revised January 1995.

* The last and final issue of Science Forum was in Summer 1996.