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Regarding Landscapes

‘Regarding Landscapes’ is a new initiative started in 2008 by Adriaan Luijk, who has been working and living for the most part of his life in England.

After many years of bio-dynamic farming within in between following the Science Course for Upper School teachers and a few years teaching, he moved to France in 2004 where his deep impression with the "Landscape" led to an attitude of questioning what exactly is our relationship to the landscape.

After reviving and continuing his interest in Goethean science by following a post-graduate course in Goethean Science and Environmental Ethics with among others Isis Brook (Lancashire University) in 2008, he discovered the work of Jan Diek van Mansvelt, his ex-biology teacher at the bio-dynamic agricultural college Warmonderhof in Holland, who together with his colleague Bas Pedroli has done lots of work on and for the European Landscape Convention.

Adriaan appreciates the idea that the way to approach the landscape is multi-disciplinary but that this at the same time needs to be based on actual experience and phenomena.

His courses / workshops are based on sharing with participants their experiences of the landscape from different points of view, such as Goethean Science and Landscape Phenomenology, but also Aesthetics, History, Ethics etc.

The main themes of the workshops are:
The Plant World in relation to its Environment.
Sense-perception and Interpretation (Environmental Aesthetics).
Nature and Culture within the Landscape.
Evolution of Consciousness and our changing perception of Landscape.

The courses / workshops are one-week long and consist, apart from short studies, of practical and outdoor observational activities, with sharing of experiences at the end of the day. PDF

At present, through organisations like the Crossfield Institute, Adriaan is seeking ways of collaborating and working together with others both in England and Holland.

This year Jan Diek van Mansvelt, Ben Stolk and Simon Blaxland de Lange will each be co-leading a workshop with Adriaan.

Adriaan Luijk
Le Fort,
09300 Lieurac


Study Year, Goetheanum Science Section, Dornach, Switzerland

The Studienjahr (study year) takes place in alternate years and is conducted predominantly in the medium of German. The course comprises formal instruction in physical, chemical and the life sciences, epistemology and a supervised research project on a topic chosen by the student and with which the student feels a particular connection. Students are usually expected to have a training at adult education level in a branch of the natural sciences. The number of places on the course is strictly limited and admission is subject to interview.

Above: The 'Glashaus', home of the Science Section at the Goetheanum to whom further enquiries about this and other (shorter) courses should be directed.


The Nature Institute

This institute is for phenomena-centered research and education. It takes a Goethean approach to science and specialised in whole organism biology in particular.

The Nature Institute
20 May Hill Road
New York 12075

Tel: +1 518 672 0116
Fax: +1 518 672 4270

See also the Nature Institute's online NetFuture newsletter at

Schumacher College, Dartington, Devon, UK -- M. Sc. in Holistic Science

This course features Goethean and participative science approaches to the study of complex and living systems. This course is in partnership with the University of Plymouth. More details can be found by contacting the address below or on the Schumacher College web site.

For details of other courses -- usually three weeks in duration -- on holistic approaches in the life sciences please contact the College at the following address:

The Administrator,
Schumacher College,
The Old Postern,
Devon TQ9 6EA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1803 865934; Fax: +44 (0)1803 866899;

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