Goethean Science Bibliography

June 1986, with some additions October 1999

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Goethe’s own writings

Goethe’s World View. Fred Unger (ed.) & Heinz Norden (trans.). F. Unger Publishing Co., NY. 1963.

Goethe’s Colour Theory. Translated and edited by R. Matthaei. 1971. Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY. Includes ‘The Experiment as Mediator between Subject and Object’ and ‘Experience and Knowledge’

Readings in Goethean Science. Eds. Jolly & Koepf. Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association, Rhode Island. 1978.

Wisdom and Experience. Hermann J. Weingard, ed. RKP. 1949.

Goethe: Conversations and Encounters. Eds. & Trans: Luke & Pick. London, 1966.

Letters from Goethe. M. Herzfield & C. A. M. Sym. Edinburgh University Press, 1957.

The Metamorphosis of Plants. Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association, Rhode Island. 1974.

The Practical Wisdom of Goethe. Emil Ludwig ed. Allen & Unwin, London. 1933.

The flight to Italy -- Diary and Selected letters. (1999) Trans. T. J. Reed. Oxford University Press.


Books on Goethe

Cassirer, E. (1961) Rousseau Kant & Goethe.

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von Helmholz, H. (1962) Popular Scientific Lectures. Selected with intro. by M. Kline. Dover, NY. (contains an attack on Goethe's scientific researches)

Whyte, L. L. Aspects of Form: A symposium on form in nature and art. (publisher/year unknown)

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Articles on Goethe

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