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The Newsletter is issued twice yearly to members at the beginning of March and September. It contains news, opinion, comment, book reviews, notification of publications, current contents, forthcoming meetings, reports of meetings, advertisements of initiatives by members and membership announcements. It is generally not peer-reviewed other than by the editor and is not intended for longer research articles, which are better accommodated in Archetype. Its format is kept deliberately simple to minimise obstacles to consistent publication at the specified dates. It comprises loose leaves of A4 paper, illustrations only where absolutely necessary and, so far, rarely as many as 12 sides.

Copy for the newsletter should reach the Editor by 20 February for the March issue or 20th August for the September issue, preferably in electronic form either by email or on memory drive or on CD ROM. Files may be in any of the following formats: ASCII 'Text-only', Rich Text Format, MS Word 6.0/7.0/97, or any wordprocessing format compatible with these. If you are unable to provide your text in electronic form it should be typed single-spaced with no crossings out or underlinings using a black (not grey) typeface. Handwritten submissions, especially if lengthy, may delay their publication and will involve the Group in financial outlay to have them professionally typed. Diagrams should be sent either as camera-ready copy or on disk (as above) in any of the popular digital image formats.

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* Some items are deleted because permission from the authors concerned has not yet been obtained for web publication.


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