The Natural Science Section in America Link to their website and presentations from their 2019 Climate conference

Here is the link to the American website:
The link to the 2019 Conference on Climate Change:
And the links to video recordings from that conference:

Nov 13, 2019

8 PM Lecture. Topic: The Scientific Data and Assumptions Describing our Climate Crisis with Judith Erb. The audio was poor quality so the video will be re-recorded and posted here in the future. [Judith plans to record it]
Nov 14, 2019

11 am Demonstration:

7:30 PM Lecture. Topic: Atmosphere, Elements and Ethers: Setting the Stage with Johannes Kühl – video can be viewed here:

Nov 15, 2019

3:30 pm presentation with Laura Liska:

7:30 Lecture. Topic: The Impact of Economics on Climate—the Idea of the Commonwealth with Geoff Henny:

Nov 16, 2019

11 am discussion with Michael Lapointe:

3:30 pm discussion with Frank Fawcett:

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Nov 17, 2019 MysTech Webinar Sunday at 7:30 PM ET with Johannes Kuhl: Sub-Nature and the Ethers:

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