How can we approach the Elements and Ethers today?

April 17,  2021

1:00 – 3:00 PM CT USA, 
2:00 PM ET (US, Canada)1:00 PM CT (US, Canada)11:00 AM PT (US, Canada) 

Zoom presentation by 
Johannes Kühl,
Switzerland, Dornach, Goetheanum, Natural Science Section of the Free School of Spiritual Science.Since Aristotle humanity lives and thinks with the concepts of the four elements and the ether. With the beginning of the scientific age these concepts seem to become obsolete but they come up again and again and Rudolf Steiner used them in Anthroposophy and it seems to approach them has a lot to do with our relation to nature and the earth in general. So it seems relevant today to deepen their understanding and experience. That I would like to try in this presentation.
The event is organized by the program committee of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch. For more information, please, contact Andrei Onegin at 
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