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Science Section of the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

The Nature Institute

Regarding Landscapes, an english speaking organisation in France organising ‘landscape perception’ workshops from a Goetheanistic and  phenomenological perspective.

A Phenomenological Study of Rainbows from a Goethean Point of View

Projective Geometry

Ifgene – International Forum for Genetic Engineering (archived website)

Fluent Heart


Virbela Flowforms

Living Water Flowforms


Waldorf Science Books     (Association of Waldorf Schools in North America)

The Life Science Trust and the Pishwanton Project

Flow technology: Oloid AG and Paul Schatz Society

Institut f├╝r Str├Âmungswissenschaften (Institute for Flow Sciences)

anthropos-science e-list:

Scientists for Global Responsibility

BD NOW! The International Biodynamic Agriculture Forum

Biodynamic Agricultural Association (UK)

Anthroposophic Press – Nature & Science Page

Weleda (UK) Ltd

Scientific & Medical Network

PubMed — database of medical and biological sciences publications

Rudolf Steiner Press

Hawthorn Press

Floris Books

Adonis Press Science

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