Journal of the Science Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

ISSN 1462-8775

Archetype, first issued in 1995 and entitled Newsletter Articles Supplement for the first three issues, was published annually until issue 15, 2009. It contains articles on science, epistemology, mathematics and the history and philosophy of science. Editor: Dr David J. Heaf.

No. 1 (1995)
A hypothesis-free science of inorganic nature Georg Maier
Mathematics as a spiritual science Renatus Ziegler
An overview of Goethe’s geological writings Christine Ballivet
What will mankind bring about by trying to gain control of heredity? – The fundamentals of a world outlook based on DNA Jaap van der Wal

No. 2 (1996)
Rethinking physics Nick Thomas
Radioactivity in the history of the Earth Norman Grant
Steiner’s description of the Earth’s history Norman Grant

No. 3 (1997)
Basic gestures of human embryological development Wolfgang Schad
On the lemniscatory motion of sun and earth Louis Locher-Ernst
Thermal expansion in counterspace P.P. Veugelers
Mathematics and Occultism Rudolf Steiner
The polar relation between the human skull bones and limb bones Gordon Woolard
Letter re: article by N. Grant in issue No. 2 Henry Goulden

No. 4 (1998)
Elements of a differential and integral calculus in counterspace P. P. Veugelers
Progress towards complimentarity in genetics Johannes Wirz
Between discordant eras Stephen L. Talbott
Correspondence, Ron Jarman, Norman Grant

No. 5 (1999)
The Path Lemniscate    Lou de Boer
The Fruitfulness of Goethe’s Approach to Science at the Present time Jochen Bockemühl
Participation, Co-operation and Adaptive Mutations:
Complementing Ecological and Evolutionary Paradigms   Johannes Wirz
Foreword to the Natural Scientific Writings of Goethe from
Kürschner’s Deutsche National-Litteratur, Goethes Werke Karl Julius Schröer
Karl Julius Schröer (1825-1900) – Teacher of Rudolf Steiner:
A biographical Sketch David Wood
Towards a History and Sociology of the
Anthroposophical Research Institutes in the 1920s     Christoph Podak

No. 6 (2000)
Geometric Crystal Morphology on a Projective Basis – Towards the Complementarity of Morphology and Structure Theory, Renatus Ziegler (45pp).
Review Article: Capillary Dynamolysis, David Heaf

No. 7 (2001)
The fourth dimension, Rudolf Steiner (Berlin, 24.3.05).
Large-scale Reservoir Projects – Examples of Faustian Work, Eduard Naudascher.
Lilly Kolisko – Life and Work 1889-1976, Gisbert Husemann.

No. 8 (2002)
What is Goetheanism? Wolfgang Schad (32 pp)
Some thoughts on the oxalic acid/formic acid processes Judyth Sassoon

No. 9 (2003)
Shape changes of ripening mistletoe berries Heidi Flückiger and Stephan Baumgartner
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and uric acid Judyth Sassoon
Microbial processes and plant life – a key to a chemistry of life Norbert Pfennig and Jochen Bockemühl

No. 10 (2004)
Mistletoe berry shapes and the zodiac Stephan Baumgartner, Heidi Flückiger and Hartmut Ramm
Experiments at Moon-Saturn conjunctions using the capillary dynamolysis method of Lili Kolisko Dirk Rohde

No. 11 (2005) with separate foldout 
Moving pictures: the world of meaning of two meadow butterflies, Daniel Kuster and Johannes Wirz
The marbled white butterfly (Melanargia galathea) in ecologically different farmland habitats, Johannes Wirz and Daniel Kuster
The fortnightly tree bud rhythms of Lawrence Edwards, Nick Kollerstrom

No. 12 (2006)
The buttercup family through the course of the year – interrelationships between plant phenology and basic questions in evolution, Jürgen Momsen
The conifer type – steps in the development of an imaginative understanding of trees, Jan Albert Rispens
The conifer cone, Jan Albert Rispens

No. 13 (2007)
Integrity as identity, Sylvie Pouteau.
The ‘I’ and the reality of the atom, Peter Gschwind.
Goetheanism – its methods and significance in the science of the living, Ernst-Michael Kranich.

No. 14 (2008)
Networks, not building blocks – the idea of the organism in genetics and epigenetics, Johannes Wirz.
Meadows as a picture of their environment, Werner Schneider.
Goetheanism – false dichotomy Peer Schilperoord.

No. 15 (2009)
Evolutionary biology today – a contribution to the Darwin Year 2009: 150 years since the publication of On the Origin of Species, Wolfgang Schad
An outline for a biology of freedom using songbirds as an example – concerning the differentiation of the territorial song, Walther Streffer