Annual meeting of the UK Natural Science and Maths Group and NS section

The Science Group
The Field Centre, Nailsworth GL6 0QE, UK 51°40'36.1"N 2°13'32.4"W

Natural Science and Mathematics Group (of the AS in GB)

Pluralism and Complementarity in Natural Scientific Methods

Annual Meeting 2021 November 5 th and 6 th

The Field Centre, Nailsworth. GL6 0QE

Friday 5 th
6 pm Supper
7.30pm “Non target effects of genetic manipulations – reflections from holistic
science of the organism”. Public Talk by Johannes Wirz, from the Goetheanum

Saturday 6th
9 am Meeting and greeting
9.15 Welcome introduction to the day and re affirming the programme
9.30 “Materialism and idealism in Natural Science, from Darwin’s time to
ours”; talk by Judyth Sassoon
10.45 coffee
11.15 Discussion on the theme, Pluralism and Complementarity in Science.
What approaches are being called for now Introduced by Angus Jenkinson
12.15 Organisation and Management of the Maths and Science group.
Financial report, election/affirmation of core group members. Could the core group
meet by Zoom?
Newsletter, email list, subscriptions. Any offers of help most welcome.
13.00 lunch
14.00 “ Is a company alive and if so is it a type of individuality?” Talk by Angus
14.45 break
15.00 Experiences from Holistic Science conference Dartington and Evolving
Science Dornach
15.45 Future activities of the group.
16.30 finish day meeting.
walk / talk/ breathing
17.30 Supper.

Natural Science Section Meeting (open to all )
Saturday Evening 19. 00- 20.30

Meditative and contemplative practice in research. A sharing of our individual approaches. Relating to the School of Spiritual Science.