Lemuria and the Human Being with Adrian Lamont

then September 12th   An evening  zoom  in conjunction with friends in North America

Topic: Lemuria and the Human Being with Adrian Lamont

Adrian plans to divide the presentation into three parts. The first part is in Grant’s area of expertise, including the spiritual forces at work in Lemuria. Sources include some of Wachsmuth’s sources in Steiner’s work. The second part is about the artistic impulses that have arisen from his love of the Malvern hills near where he lives, and the special people [including the Oxford inklings} moved by this experience, in a period which overlapped Steiner’s life, their music, and storytelling which hark back to Atlantis, perhaps also Lemuria. The third part is to look at the geology of the Malvern hills, which leads to Bancroft with some similar rocks, including the conglomerate pegmatite. He will show how this geology brings all three parts into a comprehensive whole. The end will be a short recording of Elgar music inspired by these hills. Attendees may want to prepare for the talk by looking up the dramatic geology story of the Malvern hills on the internet.


Time: September 12th, 2022

Noon Pacific Time (PST)

8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (BST)


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