The Climate Needs Our Change

Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland

Research Institute at the Goetheanum

1 – 4. October 2020

Technically, almost anything is possible. The spring of 2020 has shown what is also politically and economically possible, if a common insight unites people. Within a few weeks you saw massive restrictions of individual well-being zones the governments worldwide had to impose in order to slow the global spread of a Virus—even the far-reaching adjustment of air traffic.

For half a century we have known what the salutary effect of such air travel measures would be for climate and the atmosphere. Nevertheless, shortly before the Corona crisis, business associations – politically successful – had warned against “premature action” in regard to merely increasing the price of aviation fuel. Why can we not, without a virus, implement what we already correctly recognized long ago? How must we ourselves change, so that knowledge and feasibility come together?

In this conference we invite you to consider the long, shared history of climate and earth and their organismic character. How did the current situation come about, what is the “factual material,” and how can people implement their knowledge of a healing action in the individual fields of life? Presentations from experts will introduce topics for discussion in small groups or in plenum. On the third day we will be concerned with the vision of the Fridays For Future youth, which calls for sustainable use of the environment. What reasons are there on a mental and social level that this “dream”, shared by many, cannot lead to action? What does a change in consciousness look like, how does a cultural revolution, which gives humanity coherence and power, shape its future and that of its environment from the feeling of belonging together? The conference closes with an outlook on lived spiritual insight, which can arise from self-knowledge and self-training.

The conference will be conducted in German.

We look forward to your participation! Matthias Rang and Johannes Wirz with the Section team in Dornach